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Storch's air transporter models are for moving parts & scrap, and assisting product sorting applications.  These air operated vibratory feeder conveyors for small part and scrap conveyor applications are designed around a high quality, low maintenance, low air volume module that can support single or multiple trays as required per the application.  Application requirements determine size of air vibratory conveyor feeder module used.

Vibratory Air Transporter Shaker Conveyors
Part Number AQ-25-P
Air Pressure 64 - 78 psi
Total Capacity (lb) 25 100 225
Air Consumption (cfm) 0.42 1.6 4.6
Noise (dB) 68 68 69
Max Stroke Length (in) 0.95 1.02 1.06
Max Tray Weight (lb) 6.4 13 44 
Recommended Strokes/Minute (spm) 120 110 100
Unit Weight (lb) 2.5 6.5 18.2


Features of Storch's Vibratory Transporter Conveyors:

  • Operates with minimal noise and low air volume

  • Most convenient installation using magnets on bottom of base

  • Maintenance free designed vibratory conveyor module.

  • Unique air valve design of vibratory feeder module for smooth,
    efficient operating action

  • Design allows up to 8 degree incline of vibratory part feeder tray.

  • Easy tray changes and optional size trays available for quick job changes.

  • Profile of vibratory air transporter module provides narrow gap conveyance.

  • Multi-Tray capability using only one vibratory feeder module.

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