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Magnetic Slide Conveyors - Beltless

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Ideal for Maintenance Free conveyance of Stamping Parts, Scrap, Chips,
Fasteners and other ferrous materials.

Magnetic Beltless Conveyor by Storch

Storch Magnetics Beltless Slide Conveyor for dry, wet or oily parts, stampings, chips, scrap, cold heading and other metal parts transfers


How the System Works



Dependable, maintenance-free operation and the safe transfer of stock, parts and scrap materials, for Industrial Equipment, Automation & Material Handling Equipment Applications.

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Storch Magnetic Slide Conveyors provide Industrial Automation conveying hot, cold, wet, oily and dry ferrous materials virtually anywhere trouble-free transference is required. Magnetic conveyors, with permanent and powerful ceramic magnets, chain driven under a non-moving slide plate, are ideal for small turnings, stampings and small assembly components as well as scrap such as punch-outs, trim stock and chips.

Whether your need is for light duty jobs or heavy work loads, the four series of Storch conveyors are designed with all moving parts completely enclosed so there’s nothing to jam, become contaminated or wear. And, no external moving parts means these conveyors are safe for employees.

Magnetic slide conveyors from Storch can be configured with perforated side guides, auxiliary collection tanks and vertical rises to efficiently and economically separate parts or scrap from oils and coolant. This results in simpler coolant reclamation with less wear and tear on filtering equipment and machinery. Plus, dryer chips means more value and less danger to the environment.

A far ranging list of options and 30 Benefits make Storch Magnetic Slide Conveyors simple to integrate into existing systems or as specified for new installations. Standardized component design and modular construction allow maximum flexibility and adaptability for custom application requirements while minimizing lead times.

What’s more, Storch Magnetic Slide Conveyors actually increase your machines’ uptime with jam-free operation and low maintenance requirements. Automatic chain take-up adjustment, sealed continuous lubrication system and a special magnet-to-chain “floating” attachment which eliminates binding, all keep Storch conveyors running longer, your Factory Automation and production machines running longer and your profitability soaring.


How the System Works

Magnetic Beltless Conveyor System Description

Storch Magnetic Slide Conveyors offer these operational advantages:

  • Maintenance-Free, Jam-Free, Safe & Reliable Operation

  • Can Be Used in Submerged Applications

  • Easily Configured To Custom Applications

  • Long Life, Trouble-Free Service

  • Storch Provides Engineering Assistance For Every Installation

and these features:

  • Constant Or Variable Speeds

  • Stainless Steel Slider Bed, Single Piece Construction

  • All Moving Parts Are Enclosed

  • Continuous, Sealed Lubrication

  • Simple, Trouble Free Design

  • No Belts To Wear Out & Replace - Completely Beltless

  • Smooth & Quiet Operation

  • Economical

  • Guaranteed Permanent Magnets

  • Oil-tight Construction

  • Self-Contained



Magnetic Beltless Conveyor Styles

A selection of five styles, when combined with the variety of widths, lengths, slide plate surfaces, drive options, incline angles, controls, and many more options, make Storch Magnetic Slide Conveyor modular components easy to integrate with existing equipment or to install with new, custom handling systems.


*Please refer to series charts on preceding pages for style availability. Standard sizes, styles, and options shown. For others, please contact us:


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